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St. Joseph's is a partnership specializing in the manufacture of star lamps, star lanterns, greeting cards and religious articles. Since inception it has been a family business founded on the principles of quality and dependability- principles that are just as important today as they were in 1945. Currently we export our star lamps and star lanterns to UK. US, Germany, France, Australia and the Middle East.  Every year 150 new star designs and 1000 new greeting card designs are released with the range steadily increasing.

 We also manufacture and offer an inexhaustible range of other products like customized wedding invitation cards, pictures/posters suitable for framing, book marks, calendars featuring Christian religious and biblical themes, writing pads, stickers, religious articles like statues made of plaster of Paris, wood, plastic, paper and clay crib sets etc.

Our work team comprises of several dedicated artist, skilled craftsmen, graphic designers, machine operators all who take pride in their work and equipment which ranges from small screen printing machines, to large multicolour offsets.

We are proud to say that we are carrying on a tradition that has earned us the goodwill of many satisfied customers. We personally thank all of our loyal customers who are helping us to fulfill our vision.


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